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How to sell your holiday home in the Algarve

Selling a property in any country can be a stressful undertaking, even more so if you are selling your overseas holiday home. A large part of our vendors do not permanently live in the Algarve and will deal with the sale of their villa, apartment, penthouse of building land via their lawyer and local real estate agent.

The process for selling a house in the Algarve is actually fairly straightforward and we can assist in getting your home sold.

The first step with any property a real estate agency in the Algarve should verify are the legalities and registration of the property. Basically to verify what is there actually all exists and appears on the legal documents of the property. As simple as it might sound often this is not the case and anything from not or incorrect registered annexes, pools, garages, etc etc can appear.

We always advice to make sure your documents are 100% in order as it can and will come up later in the sales process and can jeopardize the sale.

Once documents have all been checked and cleared a mediation contract between real estate agency and vendor needs to be drawn up, by law. Properties cannot be marketed under Portuguese law without the real estate agent having a signed mediation contract. This can nowadays be done in a Portuguese or English contract. Your lawyer or solicitor can always provide your assistance in case of any questions arising.

Once paperwork and contract have been dealt with a property description and pictures need to be taken care of. Buy Property Algarve is a locally based and registered real estate agency which does it?s marketing 100% digitally. Good quality pictures are very important.

As an owner you can help by making sure the property is clean, pool & garden maintenance have been done and all is looking 110%. If you are not in the Algarve then we can make arrangements via your lawyer / property manager.

Often we get the question how long it takes to sell a property in the Algarve ? This all depends on the location, state of the property, and very much so in the current market in the price.

If you need advice, want us to visit your property to list your home for sale feel free contact us during any time and day of the week.

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